Common Kitchen Renovation Mistakes You Should Avoid

August 13 2018
Kitchen Renovations Melbourne

Your kitchen is not just a room where you can prepare the everyday meal for your family. It is the place where your family member gathers throughout the day to share conversation and enjoy each other’s company. So, when it comes to renovating your kitchen you have to ensure maximum space efficiency and functionality.

Whether you are looking to include your personal ambience in your kitchen space or wish to increase the value of your property, renovations are the perfect way to accomplish this. Kitchen renovations in Melbourne are in great demand because it enhances the overall look of your house and at the same time you can enjoy big savings.

You Should Renovate Your Kitchen Because:

  • It adds valuable living space
  • It provides a higher return on investment (ROI)
  • It improves the quality of life
  • It enhances kitchen functionality
  • It increases safety and comfort

While renovating your kitchen, you probably have a lot of ideas, but to correctly put it into execution it is important to consider professional renovators. Using their experienced and thorough knowledge, this professional helps you to remodel your kitchen in the most efficient way.

The best kitchen renovations in Melbourne reflect the greater purpose with designs that add the touch of elegance. But, achieving the warm atmosphere without compromising functionality and style is not easy. However, there is no secret to a successful kitchen renovation project, you just need to know what to avoid. Before considering a kitchen renovation project, take time to read the below-mentioned common mistakes to avoid.

Kitchen Designs Melbourne

  1. Ignoring Kitchen Design Goals

While focusing on choosing kitchen materials and products, don’t ignore the main reason that prompted you to renovate your kitchen in the first place. Whether you want to improve your kitchen’s ambience or style, making a wish list helps you define and set clear goals related to kitchen designs in Melbourne. It is essential to manage the list keeping in mind your personal priorities. Consider using the latest kitchen designs including trendy colours and textures that match your kitchen interior, to give your kitchen an excellent look.

  1. Wasting Important Space

The kitchen contains lots of stuff, so while planning for the renovation, it is essential to take time to work with your professional and plan the perfect use of the existing space. From maximising cabinets and storage space to make use of room dividers for separation of areas, you can consider different ideas to maximise space. Ensure to make a list of your kitchen appliances, particularly the small ones. In this way, it will avoid wasting space, also allows you to recognise what is needed immediately and what can be stored in higher cabinets for occasional use.

  1. Considering Poor-Quality Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets are the important part of your kitchen furniture. It can provide maximum space for storing the kitchen items. For lasting functionality and style, it is essential to choose the cabinets which are sturdy both from inside and outside. You can take your kitchen cabinets far beyond the simple using the creative design ideas and using the latest self-closing drawers and pull-out pantries. So, invest in the custom cabinets as there are many benefits attached to it. Find out why custom cabinets are so popular these days.

  1. Paying Less Attention To Lighting

Your kitchen can only look bright and welcoming if there is adequate lighting. However, it is the last design component that many Melbournians consider when renovating their kitchens. But lighting is an important component as it sets the specific mood for every space in your kitchen. Consider the perfect lighting effect which offers sufficient illumination of important activities and provides enough surrounding light to the kitchen space. Also, if you want control over the amount of light in the kitchen space despite day and night, go for different types of recessed lighting.

  1. Not Bothering About The Ventilation

Overlooking ventilation in your kitchen can lead to back drafting (an event caused by a fire). Thus, having ventilation is important in open-plan spaces which can help you to control the excess moisture in the kitchen and improve the quality of air. You can choose ducted extractors as they are more reliable than charcoal filters. Along with selecting the best ventilation system for your kitchen, also consider how it works keeping in mind the space between your kitchen ceiling and the floor space.

  1. Wasting Storage Space

One of the ways to make your project of kitchen renovations in Melbourne successful is to make the most out of your storage space. Easy to access storage should be your main concern while renovating the kitchen. To ensure that every bit of your storage space is used perfectly, it is important to work with a kitchen renovation expert. Also, you have to think how and where you can sneak extra storage space into your existing space. If you have a tall kitchen, then you can consider fitted floor-to-ceiling units. And for smaller spaces, toe-tick storage under the kickboards is the best as it makes your kitchen space smart while using it for keeping extra plates and utensils.

  1. Insufficient Countertop Space

Designing a small countertop space is one of the most common mistakes of kitchen renovations in Melbourne. Despite the shape and size of your kitchen, choosing a kitchen renovation professional determines that how many square feet of countertops are needed in your space. Considering base cabinets equipped with large drawers can provide easily accessible storage for your small appliances that can normally clutter countertops. Look up to the 5 design tricks that can make your small kitchen look larger.


For a successful kitchen renovation project, it is very essential to avoid the above-mentioned pitfalls. Renovating a kitchen requires skills and knowledge about plumbing, electrical and kitchen designs. Thus, ensure that you consult licensed and experienced kitchen renovation experts who provide you with unique kitchen designs in Melbourne. They will complete your renovation project within your time and budget.

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