5 Design Tricks That Make Your Small Kitchen Look Larger

Renovations are always stressful, but their outcomes are pretty amazing. The growing trend of kitchen renovations in Melbourne is the proof of this.

If your property is an old-structured, it is quite possible that your kitchen area is a bit crowded and clumsy. So, if you are given an option of a kitchen makeover, would you want it to be big with a lot of open space or the one that is compact yet productive?

The majority of you will have the opinion of knocking down a wall or two, to make it look larger. But, let’s have a reality check. The kitchen makeovers in Melbourne that target expanding the area can be way too costly. So, sometimes, it is best to work with the existing charm of your small kitchen. And yes, with some of the exciting tricks to try on, you can definitely have your dream kitchen look large and productive, the way you wanted. Do not forget to ask these 7 questions to yourself before you plan a kitchen renovation.

Optical Illusions that Help You Enlarge Your Small Kitchen Spaces


The bother of a small space in your kitchen is generally felt when you have over stacked it up with all the facilities in comparison to the total area. But, do not worry, as these 5 tips of kitchen design in Melbourne will make a small kitchen look and feel much bigger.

  1. Design with Clean Lines

When it comes to the overall design of your kitchen, the most useful tip is to use clean, simple lines to style your space. Stay away from large corbels, wall candle-holders and other elaborate crown mouldings which can otherwise break up the design of your kitchen and overcrowd the room.

Instead, you can extend your cabinets to the ceiling, but try to keep your cabinet design as simple as possible. This will make your ceiling look taller. Additionally, use vertical lines in your kitchen renovations in Melbourne as it creates an optical illusion that your kitchen room has a good height.

  1. Use Similar Colours

This is a very simple yet effective trick to apply in small kitchen renovations. Using the same colour of your walls on the cabinets will make your kitchen design look continuous and subtle. Also, it will erase the visual boundaries from the contrasting colours. When it comes to the colour selection, it is best to use lighter hues and pale ones that tend to reflect light and make your kitchen space appear larger.

  1. Organize Your Storage

To make your small kitchen look large, one of the important things is to keep the clutter off your countertop. Hence, your kitchen designs in Melbourne should be done in a way that provides you with enough storage spaces where you can hide your clutter. This will enable you to have a neat, tidy and overall an organised kitchen.

  1. Use Open Shelves

Incorporating the open shelving in your small kitchen keeps the space from appearing broken-up and gives the illusion of a more expansive space. It is also a great way to keep the counter space open. If you are artistic, you get an ample amount of space on your open shelves where you can display your creativity or you can also use that space to store everyday essentials of your kitchen.

  1. Replace Cabinet Doors with Glass

The kitchen makeovers in Melbourne always demand a replacement of cabinet doors with glass. The glass doors let you see through, making the kitchen look more expansive. Moreover, they even lighten the look of your cabinetry and give a more open feel to your whole kitchen.


Aren’t these tricks fascinating enough to imbibe in your kitchen renovations in Melbourne? So, do not fret, instead plan an attractive design for your kitchen space that serves all your requirements – design, style, productivity and above all, an enlarged space.